foto del prodotto il Miele Del Pozzo Buono Millefiori Biologico

The Pozzo Buono Honey's

Wildflower Honey

Our wildflower Honey comes from 10 hives, placed close to our vineyards in the Pozzo Buono valley.

The apiary is conducted following the dictates of the Organic Beekeeping, which fits very well with our choice of integrated farming, named also low environmental impact, that we use in the vineyards from several years, whose symbol is the bee, synonym of great attention and respect for the environment.

Our Organic wildflower honey reflects the infinite varieties of nectars, whose colors, smells and aromas characterize the surrounding environment; Alexandrian clover, bramble, cruciferous, sunflower and honeydew became in this way the main components of our honey.

Dark amber color, intense smell, it reminds the scent of fields in bloom, from where the bees collect the nectar: pleasant on the palate, creamy, very persistent.

Its variability makes it suitable for many preparations, perfect to combine with fresh soft cheese, great for breakfast.