Vineyards and winery

In 1990 Vicari Nazzareno bottled his first 200 bottles of Verdicchio and Lacrima, making tangible the long tradition of wine already so deep in his family. In 2000 his son Vico, and after a few years the daughter Valentina, helped  their father Nazzareno to give continuity to this passion by contributing to structural and technological modernization of cellar and developing the business both at European and international level. Today Vico, behind the careful direction of Nazzareno, is engaged in production and management of the winery, while Valentina is totally dedicated to the promotion and sale of their wines. In recent years, as well as having converted to vineyards part of the family land covering an area of ​​30ha and equipped the winery with the advanced technology equipment, was also created a new building for drying the grapes.

The history and tradition that combine innovation and the push towards new challenges. In 2011, in fact, for the first time they tried to produce a sparkling wine from Lacrima di Morro d'Alba: they were the first to give this new and precious appearance to this vine. All the steps of champenoise are made manually, from tirage to remuage on pupitre up to the degorgement, creating "Sfumature", which reminds with its color the autumn leaves of Lacrima grapes and enhances the finesse, elegance and the peculiarities of the grape. The company follows with extreme attention the wines from the vineyard to the winemaking process at all stages, always going in search of the highest quality, also obtained thanks to low yields per hectare and thinning controlled.